• How can I contact you?  Either by phone at 917 697-2092 or by email at barreroomballet@gmail.com

  • What should I wear to class? Any thing that you’re comfortable in and doesn’t hinder movement. If you feel most comfortable in loose clothes-wear them. It is nice to be able to see your knees and torso. If you can tolerate tighter workout clothes-wear them. Eventually you may feel like you want tights and leotards but don’t use not wanting to wear or purchase them as an excuse not to come.

  • What about my feet? Socks are absolutely fine. For those of you that want a pair of ballet shoes, I do keep a limited selection of canvas shoes that you can buy for $20. There are a number of online venues for any kind of ballet shoe you might like but sometimes sizing is tricky so, if you want ballet shoes other than the ones we have, I recommend a field trip to try them on in store.

  • Do I need to sign up for class ahead of time?  Nope. Walk right in. We offer a wide array of times for class and I encourage you to pop in any time you have a spare 45 minutes.

  • How much and what kind of payment? A single class is $15. We also offer a ten pack for $120. One month unlimited card is $160. Please check the promotions page for great deals. We accept cash, any kind of card, and local checks.

  • There’s a lot of dance going on in the studio. How do I find out about other classes? Just ask! There is a full schedule of Russian Ballet and Irish Step Dance going all year round. We keep current schedules on the desk. If you have the MINDBODY app you can see Cheryl's Russian Ballet class schedule listed with the barre classes.

  • I have some physical limitations. Does this make Barre class a bad option for me? Generally, Barre is a safe and comfortable way for people with physical restrictions to exercise and enjoy dance. I will always ask, but if there is something complex that I should know about, please feel free to call and discuss. 917 697-2092.


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